Friday, April 29, 2016

Ocean Public Service Annoucement (Gulf Of Mexico)

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Ocean Public Service Announcement with oil spill

Have you heard that our climate changed so badly? Oil Pollution, Marine Dumping, Water Pollution, Radioactive Waste, Underground Storage Leakage, Atmospheric Deposition, Global Warming & Eutrophication are getting worse. Well I'm going to talk about Oil Pollution from Gulf Of Mexico.
In April 20 2010 it was at Gulf Of Mexico, It started from The Deepwater Horizon or called BP oil spills were near Gulf Of Mexico & the oil was exploded & sank into the Deepwater Horizon. The oil flowed down in 84 days, after in July 15 2010. There were 11 people missing from the explosion & they weren't founded then. It's the most large accident in the Marine Oil Spills in all history in the Petroleum Industry. It's 8% to 31% large in volume. US Government estimated the total of the discharge at 4.9 million of barrels. After several errors failed to contained the flow, They declared sealed on September 19 2010. Reports were in 2012 are leaking.

We need to Refuse, Reduce, Reuse, & Recycle we need to
Refuse the oil around you.
Reduced some oil.
Reuse some oil that you have.
Recycle what you have with you.

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